Unique Fitness & Wellness Support

BALANCE. It's the Mind-Body Dynamics System. It’s very unique. It's how the body works together to create homeostasis. It’s the conditioning we do for our strength, the food we eat to nourish, and the recharging we do to heal our body and soul. 


Mind-Body Dynamics takes an integrative, 360-degree approach to fitness & wellness. Strength through fitness training, Vitality through meal planning and common sense nutrition, and Serenity through massage, energy therapy, meditation and more. 


We provide our services in your location, our facilities, or remotely. We do whatever we can to help you achieve your desired or goals. We have a team of health/wellness professionals that we can bring in when needed or desired. 


Health is your most important asset. Balance your well-being.



- the state of being free from illness or injury.


- a person's mental or physical condition.



- the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

Personal Training


Massage Therapy




MBD Philosophy


BALANCE is at the core of everything we do. By combining the best of West and East, new and old techniques/philosophies, we’re able to design a program that is customized for you. 


Strength through traditional fitness training, yoga, and qi gong, building/increasing muscle strength, muscle endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, mobility, as well as balance. 


Vitality through sound meal planning, common sense nutrition principles with a focus on whole fresh foods and proper hydration that energize and sustain us. 


Serenity through massage, energy therapy, meditation, and other modalities to aid in relaxation, recovery, and personal empowerment. 


*Many of these modalities can fall into a number of categories and can also be combined together to enhance your overall health.  

Mission Statement

Our goal, our passion and our mission is to help you achieve an optimal balanced physical, mental, and emotional state of health and well-being. I’ve spent decades developing a fresh body-mind system all about techniques I’ve mastered from all over the world to change you in a creative way like never before.


M.B.D. Health & Wellness Video/Audio Index

You can have access to mind body videos and audios. 


Want to do more for your mind and body on your own time?  For a small fee you can have access to Mind & Body Videos brought to you by Steve Guttman, owner of Mind Body Dynamics.  They cover a variety of topics such as meditation, stress management and fitness. Subscribe and you'll have access at anytime.  The library of video and audio presentations include the following topics:


  • Qi Gong Routine for Digestion 

Stress Management

  • Stress Management Seminar

Guided Meditation, Routines

  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Forest Meditation
  • Garden Meditation
  • Meadow Meditation
  • Stream Meditation
  • Dry Erase Board Visualization
  • 31 Points Meditation 

Qi Gong

  • Qi Gong General Routine
  • Tibetan Rights
  • Quick Qi Gong Morning Routine #1 

Endocrine System

  • Tibetan Rights


  • Yoga Routine

Internal Organs

  • Qi Gong Routine #1 Internal Organs