Here are a few comments from my customers that explain how I have helped them.

"Since Steve has worked with my son, Tom, who has Autism, Tom has become more responsive and progressed dramatically."

Donna B., Springfield N.J.

"Steve’s personal training sessions have prepared me for my high school football and baseball teams. I enjoy the work outs as he brings in many different exercises into the workouts such as using the TRX, different types of pushups and drills. I also have a greater knowledge about how to eat right. I look forward to taking all that I have learned from Steve onto college."

Matt G., Lake Hopatcong N.J.

"Steve has worked with me through Personal Training, Yoga and Massage but the biggest help was weight control through Hypnosis. I have lost the weight I wanted to, lowered my blood pressure and now feel great."

Linda Barth, Ledgewood N.J.

"Steve has helped me stay in shape so that I can still play in the adult soccer league I am part of. At 51 I don’t move like I used to so learning the right way to stay in shape through diet and exercise has been invaluable to me. My back tightness has gone away."

"Steve has introduced my wife and sons to yoga and meditation. My boys especially enjoy the meditation and it keeps them focused. My oldest son has found that yoga has made him a better athlete and has improved his sports performance. Steve uses fun drills for both basketball and soccer. Steve's techniques are fun and very helpful in improving performance."

Glenn Scallops, Basking Ridge N.J.

"Steve has been very helpful to my special needs child, RJ. As he gets my son involved in fitness activities he can’t stop laughing as he is having such a great time. Steve has a great way of relating to him and getting him to respond to the exercises he participates in. I find that the days he sees Steve he has been more alert, responsive and less agitated. RJ also sleeps better on those nights that he sees Steve."

Stacy Wei, Denville N.J.

"Steve has helped me stay in stay in shape with his gentle approach and vast knowledge of exercise and eating right. He has helped my husband Jacob with his knee issues. I am 84 and Jacob is 85 and we both feel that Steve has kept us feeling young."

Esther Cohen,  Elizabeth N.J.


"Steve has been like a white knight helping me with my special needs child Suzy, exercising with her and doing Yoga with her. Suzy loves the time that Steve takes with her. He is a very compassionate caring man and is very knowledgeable."

Kathy B.

"During the time that I was training with Steve, I became stronger, fitter and more flexible. Not only does Steve bring his energy, enthusiasm and expertise to each training session but he makes it fun as well. I found Steve to be very professional and I love the fact that he likes to educate his clients about health and fitness. In addition, Steve is an excellent Massage Therapist who has worked on me on many occasions."

Dr. Herb Rosenthal, Wayne NJ


"Steve has helped me with my work outs, always showing his patience and professionalism and knowledge as a personal trainer. In addition, Steve has helped me to rehabilitate my rotator cuff injury. I've taken a few Yoga classes that Steve taught and felt great afterwards. My wife also did training with Steve and enjoyed the workouts. He was instrumental in selecting and purchasing the right exercise equipment as well."

Dr. Joe Dematea, North Haledon, NJ


"I suffered from herniated disc pain. With Steve's help doing yoga, my back pain left. Steve has also helped me with breathing techniques that helped with my asthma."

Doreen S., Union, NJ


"When Steve comes by to massage my husband Marty, he also works on me. I always look forward to relaxing after a day at work. He seems to find every little knot and making them disappear. Steve also helped me take care of my back problems years ago by showing me some great exercises to do."

Karen Kurtz, Randolph, NJ


"When I was in high school and playing the soccer team, Steve's sports massages helped me to perform better. Now that I am attending school our of state, I really look forward to the massage when I'm back home."

Lauren Kurtz, Randolph, NJ


"Steve was a great physical education teacher for my son Matthew who is autistic. He know how to balance discipline with fun and passion to motivate him to participate and stay focused in class. In addition Steve collaborated with the Wayne School Special Parents Association Board members to develop and lead a Special Needs Sports Clinic for children in Wayne. Board members got great feedback from the parents whose special needs children participated in this program that Steve was warm and engaging to the participants."

Beth Marmalejous, Wayne, NJ


"Steve has been like a white knight with me and my daughter Suzy who has CP. He applies so many different fitness approaches with her that she is always at her best on those days both physically and emotionally. He is very compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable."

Kathy B, Rockaway, NJ


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve Guttman for thirty years. During that time I first got to know him as a very enthusiastic massage therapy student. Since then I have gotten to appreciate him as a very good, veteran massage therapist, always showing his knowledge, experience and compassion. In addition, Steve has been involved professionally in the area of wellness as a Personal Trainer and yoga teacher."

Vincent R Iuopo, Owner & Director

The Morris Institute of Natural Therapeutics, Denville N.J. New Jersey’s first massage school


"With a genuine warmth and concern for each and every individual, Steve is a marvelous massage therapist who has the ability to harness his healing energies and direct them toward your health concerns and issues."

Larry  Heisler, Owner & Director

New Jersey Massage in Parsippany NJ. New Jersey’s oldest massage school


"Steve Guttman is an inspired innovator in the field of fitness, wellness and body work. Steve is always seeking a better way for those he serves and combined with a heart three miles wide, you  have a person who will do all he can to guide you to your goals."

Dr. Jack Barnathan, Founder

N.Y. Strength & Director Fitness Sciences, lead instructor for the International Sports Science Association



"Thank you for coming by and leading our residents in Qigong every month at Windsor Gardens. They always look forward to it, respond very well, and are more energetic as well as relaxed from it. Whenever you are here we see the positive effects of your visit for a couple of days afterwards. They love your warm and upbeat personality as well. In addition, our residents also love the fact that you go around giving them chair massages as your always a bright spot to their day."

Sue Bunkin, Activities Director

Windsor Gardens Care and Rehabilitation Center

East Orange NJ


"Thank you for helping me to improve my life and health in many ways as you have been teaching me Qigong. For the last two years while you have been working with me, I have learned how to stay relaxed, improve my energy and flexibility as well as improve focus and concentration. In addition, I find that the Qigong training has helped improve my overall workouts in the gym. Thank you again as I am forever grateful."

Ken Hoffman

Union NJ


"I would like to thank you for helping me to improve my overall health through Qi Gong training. I have loved learning various techniques such as the healing sounds and Microcosmic orbit. I have lost weight, blood pressure has lowered dramatically, and I am once again sleeping much better."

Peter Klein

Cedar Grove NJ


"I am so happy my parents talked me into training with you. I have become stronger, more flexible and faster with you training me using the different fitness techniques. I love how you combine such things as body weight training, fitness circuits and Qigong. I see it has helped me to become a better hockey player."

Tim Valper


"Thanks Steve for your expert training in Qigong and Yoga. They are so different and yet complement each other towards improving my health. I love how they both increase my flexibility and stress management in their own special way. Even my husband seems happier since I am not so grouchy and he actual has expressed interest in trying them as well."

Sandra Holly