A Better Model for Better Health, Wellness and Fitness

The Oxford dictionary defines fitness as being physically fit and healthy. Wikipedia says it’s the general state of good health usually as a result of exercise and nutrition. The President's Council on Sports Fitness and Nutrition states that that physiological wellbeing is achieved through through a combination of exercise and other practices that pertain to good health.


The Oxford dictionary defines wellness as the quality or state of being in good health and Wikipedia says the same thing.


Being fit is the ability to carry out our daily tasks with alertness and vigor, without fatigue and with enough energy to deal with daily challenges ,as well as leisure time pursuits. This reflects the traditional western definition of fitness.


In Eastern practices, fitness encompasses multiple aspects of the being. For example Yoga is a practice, or art of harmonizing a system of development for the mind, body and spirit. The continued practice of Yoga leads to a sense of peace, well being.being one with the environment.The Taoist view of health and fitness is that it is a unified system in which the physical, mental and spiritual aspects are all connected with an emphasis on energy . Obviously Eastern practices have taken it a step further, not just looking at the physical but also taking into account mental aspects of fitness and wellness.


If we are focused on good sound nutrition we create a greater impact on our health and when we take in various other health healing modalities such as massage, chiropractic Acupuncture and even sound therapy make an even more powerfully positive impact on overall health.


Through research we are getting to understand the mind-body connection much more and combining hence traditional Western and Eastern practices. We are learning about the negative effects of stress on our overall mental.emotional and physical state.We are also learning about the benefits of stress management techniques such as meditation and how it can positively affect our overall health as well as job performance, and overall enjoyment of life.


Integrative Personal training a combination of East and West.


Integrative fitness takes the approach of combining the Western and Eastern models. Integrative training includes modalities such as Yoga,Qi Gong,Thai Chi Martial arts from the East and modalities such as Weight Training,Body Weight Training,Rope Jumping swimming and jogging from the west. It can utilize various stress management techniques as meditation, visualization and even hypnotherapy. 


Here are a few examples of how integrative personal training stands out from our traditional understanding of fitness.


*As our population ages and we live longer, more people are searching for gentler, more appropriate techniques to stay in shape which integrative training is well suite to address,


* A well-rounded integrative trainer can customize a program using multiple techniques that address the client’s specific challenges and goals.


*As the world we live in has become much faster paced and more stressful, stress reducing techniques compliment a fitness workout.

  • Proper nutrition as stated before  plays a key role in attaining and improving good health.
  • Also as stated before various healing modalities also add to and improve overall health.

What is a good training session if the client gets a great workout buy their heart rate and blood pressure are through the roof? There needs to be a balance to address all issues. By integrating a variety  of techniques, a trainer can greater insure the overall health of their client. In my own integrative Personal training practice,I might work with a client on KettleBell Techniques,TRX bring in Meditation and Qi Gong. To enhance the client’s experience even more I may provide a Thai or Deep Tissue Massage and even Cupping Therapy. Similarly for a person who meditates but is also obese, I would help them get a better handle on how they eat.


In many cases one modality can help overall health but combined can't be beat.




Working Together to Improve the Health & Wellness of Society

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 70% of diseases can be preventable. This suggests that medically with the incorporation of healthier nutrition and following basic exercise approaches, you can essentially prolong your life and prevent most diseases from ever developing. However, even with this knowledge, most Americans rarely ever take action or implement a sound structure within their lifestyle. 

Statistics prove it! Current statistics show that an overwhelming 30% of adult Americans are obese. Those same statistics suggest that only 47% of adults meet physical activity guidelines for aerobic activity. When I first read these statistics I was astonished! Then I read more, and learned that the American Heart Association reports 1/3 of children and teens are overweight. The 29,750 health clubs in the US and the 45,300,000 Americans actively paying for gym memberships isn’t having the effect you would expect.

Given my years of practice as a Certified Personal Trainer, I understand the above statistics and suggest the fact that something is surely wrong. The question here is how we can change these statistics knowing that growth in these numbers is inevitable unless we change the unhealthy habits that perpetuate this trend. Perhaps it would help to show people how easy it can be to incorporate healthier living into their daily routines and the options available to them. As it stands now medical, wellness and fitness professionals need to keep doing more toward this end.


There are numerous fitness and wellness events held in communities across the country. I believe wholeheartedly that a united effort by the wellness, fitness and medical community needs to be undertaken to insure a difference in the health and wellness of society. This is where my vision of “Wellness Week” would be one step toward this end. Wellness Week would set aside one week a year to focus, promote and raise awareness about healthier lifestyle options.


The goal of Wellness Week is not only to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of our society, but to also unite people through the common goal of preventing obesity and disease, promote a better quality of life and living longer, and celebrating life together. This would be achieved by opening our practices, offices, and facilities to people for the duration of the week, by offering free seminars, webinars and consultations on healthy nutrition and living, and by joining together in the betterment of society.


Join me in my vision of a healthier, happier society and participate in Wellness Week 2016. More information can be found on www.mindbodydyn.com/health-wellness-week.