Kids Fitness

With a background in many modalities, including physical education, Mind Body Dynamics creates a variety of games, activities, and workouts to help keep children fully engaged and motivated. 


Our goal is to help improve the health, fitness and confidence of individuals, regardless of age. Whether your child needs help getting in shape, help training for competitive sports, or help to focus in school or anything else, we will design a program that is tailored for them.


Depending on the needs of the child, Mind Body Dynamics will help with:

  • Building strength, speed, agility, etc.
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Concentration and focusing skills
  • Combating depression

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Since I hired you to train my son Jack back in December, I have seen a great shift in his overall health, fitness, and attitude. I wanted you to work with Jack, my 13 year old son for weight loss, conditioning for school sports, and focus and concentration. We got a whole lot more! You introduced Jack to different types of exercise, yoga, and Chi Gong, and eating right to build his mind and body. You introduced him to Brain Gym and meditation for increased focus and concentration in school. At this point, Jack has lost weight, built muscle and increased speed and agility! He has been doing much better in school with his studies. We have even stopped his tutoring and his ADD medication as he concentrates better. In other words thank you for everything you have done for Jack. You are special."

Jackie S., Mt Lakes NJ