Life-Wellness Holistic Health Coaching

Synergy - The interaction of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


At Steve Guttman's Mind Body Dynamics we are focused, dedicated and passionate about making a radical transformation in your life regarding how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally.


We listen to you, and discuss together to arrive at the best game plan pulling from various modalities relating to fitness, meal planning/nutrition, and stress reduction as well as physcial recovery and rejuvenation to help transform you into the best verion of yourself.

Addressing Health Issues

We worked with a client on personal nutrition and incorporating Piliates and cardio for well-rounded exercise to help her lose weight and lower blood pressure. Clinical hypnotherapy was added to the mix to help with food cravings. Massage and cupping therapy were used to help her body recover from long weeks at work. Blood pressure, heart rate and weight is lower, she's energentic, vibrant, and looking forward to every day.

Stress Reduction

A client was dealing with the effects of a sedentary job and associated back pain, poor sleep and stress related gastrointestinal issues. We worked on personal nutrition, with well-rounded workouts including Qi Gong, and Yoga, and incorporating meditation and massage for relaxation and recovery. She is feeling energetic, her back is fine and she sleeps well too.

Addiction Recovery

This client in recovery had real challenges with addition and was malnourished and physically unfit. We worked on a lot of stress reduction techniques such as meditation, Reiki, conflict therapy, and neurolinguistic programming. With gentle workouts, some body weight training and walks, he became more physically fit. He now looks forward to every day that he's alive and sober, and feels fantastic.