Through a wide variety of fitness training modalities, with the versatility in being able to adjust from a single client to small group to large group training, and with the ability to cater to each and every client we are very equipped to make a positive impact on their overall fitness level.


We care about you and your success. We have your best interest in mind. We provide constant feedback as our goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals. 


We use the Fitness Evaluation to help you get a better idea of your overall health and conditioning. We have a number of options for your Fitness Evaluation. We can see you in person with the Basic Standard or Deluxe Fitness Evaluation, probably the most thorough and extensive one around. It looks at where you’re at mentally, physically, emotionally, and nutritionally. If you prefer, we can go through a Virtual Fitness Evaluation. 


We strive to walk the walk and talk the talk.

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"Steve has been my personal trainer for fifteen years. He trained me from when I was on my high school football team and through college football. Presently, Steve is helping me keep in shape and adjust to my busy life as a corporate guy, married with two small children. He is also helping me with my diet and exercise. Steve has also done Pilates with my wife and my kids - they love him."

Robert P., Scotch Plains, NJ