Presentations, Seminars, Educational Services, Coaching & Consulting

Presentations, Seminars

Presentations can cover a wide variety of subjects within the health, wellness universe. Some examples of this would be: Stress Management, Raising Healthy Children, Nutrition, men’s health, women’s health, acceptance and gratitude regarding health and wellness, positivity as a way of health, happiness and success, How to Stay Sane Even if Your Schedule is Crazy, and How to Lift and Carry. On a larger scale, seminars can stick with one specific theme or be a myriad of health, wellness, and personal growth subjects.


We also offer three seminars for school districts:

  • Enhancing physical education with a holistic perspective
  • Healthy brain-body techniques to enhance student learning  
  • Integrating holistic modalities for your school’s physical education program

and a number of programs for school districts: 

  • After-School Physical Activity Programs (special needs children included)

We Now Offer Virtual Presentations

Mind Body Health Wellness Life Coaching 

With a diverse background, experience in health, wellness, physical education, and personal coaching, our focus in helping each and every client in being the best that they can be mentally, physically, and emotionally. How do we achieve this? Through a variety of systems such as mediation, mindful mediation, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, and positive psychology, among others. 

Onsite Services

Mind Body Dynamics on-site services provides wellness services for people in various work and residential facilities including offices, large and small schools and nursing homes. Onsite services include massage, yoga, meditation classes and healthy living seminars. The goal is to provide healthy benefits to the body and mind of the respective employees, residents, students, etc. Each and every one of these on-site services can be scheduled for weekly, biweekly or monthly visits.


Fitness Facility Consultant

Focusing on and researching the most practical, cost effective exercise equipment.


Personal Transformation

  • Mind Body Boot Camp
  • Holistic Camping/Hiking Trips


Team Building Exercises

Team building is the process of turning individual contributing employees into a cohesive team. A team is a group of people organized to work together independently and cooperatively to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing their purpose and goals. Team building can also involve structured activities and exercise that employees on the team can lead, one way in which team norms are established. Or with the proper budget and goals, managers can contract out for facilitation with an external resource. External facilitation by an experienced person can give your team building a boost.