Fitness For People With Special Needs & Disabilities

Fitness for adults with disabilities

Everyone can benefit from an exercise regimen but those with special needs and physical, intellectual and emotional disabilities even more so. Research has shown that regular exercise benefits people with disabilities and those suffering from chronic conditions and illnesses. Exercise reduces stiffness, improves mobility, posture, balance and gait. Aerobic exercise increases oxygen delivery and neurotransmitters to keep our heart, lungs, and nervous system healthy. General exercise may also reduce depression.


Steve's goal is to empower people with physical challenges and other special needs, through physical activity and wellness services. His experience over thirty years of training children, teens and adults with disabilities, enables him to apply the right knowledge, experience and compassion to help the client reach their greatest potential. Steve has worked with children with ADD and autism, and helped adults with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and many other health challenges.


"I have been dealing with Parkinson”s disease for five years now. I have tried all kinds of things to help me with endless frustration. Then I found Steve. We have gone through weight training, Yoga and massage which have helped to some degree. When Steve performs Reike on me I found that my tremors come to complete stop. In addition, I sleep much more restfully on the days that we works with me."

Paula Hanks, Saddle Brook N.J


"As women with M.S., Steve has been doing yoga with me for six months. It has helped restore some of my mobility as well as energy."


Michelle G., Pine Brook N.J.