Stress Management

Everyone experiences some stress in their personal and professional lives. With the pace of modern life, the negative effects of stress seem to be widespread and growing. 

Stress can fall into two distinct categories: eustress, which is positive stress, or distress, which is negative stress. The attitude they take will have a direct effect on which type of stress response they have in a situation. 


Our stress response is triggered when we are faced with overwhelming demands, challenges, and the unknown. Prolonged exposure to stress, either positive or negative, can have an impact on physical, emotional and mental health. 


Prolonged Stress can lead to:


Depending on the client, we offer many techniques to help clients deal with the many sources of stress in their lives, to minimize the negative and optimize the positive, including hypnotherapy, meditation, and others. Naturally, this is an experience customized to the feelings and needs of our clients, and we work together to find the perfect 'relaxer' to help relieve stress. We will identify and teach you techniques you can use on an ongoing basis to relieve stress. We offer the option to work in one-on-one sessions or with others in a group seminar.


Depending on the needs of the client, stress management could encompass one standalone session, a session incorporated within a personal training session, or a series of sessions. We could be private, small group, or large group session - whatever works best.


Here is a sample stress management program (called "Tools for Stress Management"):

Week 1

What is stress management? Discussion on stress, distress, use stress, techniques, and the sessions to come.

Week 2

Breath awareness, diaphragmatic breathing.

Week 3

Mental toughness training with a positive attitude focus.

Week 4

Body awareness techniques.

Week 5

Meditation Techniques part 1.

Week 6

Meditation Techniques part 2.

Week 7

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis, also known as creative visualization.

Week 8


Week 9

Qi Gong.

Week 10