Seminars, Educational Services, Coaching & Consulting


Seminars can cover a wide variety of subjects from raising healthy children to meditation and stress and weight management. Many of our clients are comfortable taking several two-hour sessions.


One of our specialty seminars is Wellness for Life, a two-hour discussion on a range of topics relating to health, fitness, nutrition, and stress management. Another seminar is Raising Healthy Children, teaching clients the best ways to raise healthy sons and daughters.


We also offer two seminars for school districts:

  • Enhancing physical education with a holistic perspective
  • Healthy fitness techniques to enhance student learning


Coach Steve Services

Another division of Mind Body Dynamics is Coach Steve's educational services, which include:

  • Multicultural and Cross Curricular School Assemblies
  • Dance Themes Assemblies featuring Hip-Hop style programs
  • After-School Physical Activity Programs (special needs children included)
  • Educational Enhancement & Stress Management DVD's 

Onsite Services

Mind Body Dynamics on-site services provides wellness services for people in various work and residential facilities including offices, large and small schools and nursing homes. Onsite services include massage, yoga, meditation classes and healthy living seminars. The goal is to provide healthy benefits to the body and mind of the respective employees, residents, students, etc. Each and every one of these on-site services can be scheduled for weekly, biweekly or monthly visits.


Fitness Facility Consultant

Focusing on and researching the most practical, cost effective exercise equipment for the travel center.


Personal Transformation

  •  Mind Body Boot Camp
  • Holistic Camping/Hiking Trips