Meal Planning

What you eat can have an impact on meeting your goals whether it is weight loss, level of energy, physical fitness or whatever. So it is important to take this into account.

Whether or not a client decides to combine nutritional assistance with personal training, the client will receive the ideal assistance for their specific needs and concerns, including meal planning. The client can choose from many options from weight loss to muscle gain and sports nutrition or something else. The client will gain a clearer perspective on their eating habits and how to change them for the better.


The client will receive much added support, knowledge and guidance to help them achieve their desired nutritional goals. Meal planning can include eating for weight loss, gain, maintenance, or increased energy for example. Steve will also aid the client with the best choices to make when away from home.


It is understood that that how a person eats can be a sensitive subject so this is handled with the utmost understanding and compassion.