Personal Training Classes

Boot Camp - A fun-filled fitness & conditional class. It includes various fitness drills, modalities to build overall fitness, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and balance. This class requires ample amount of space to accommodate the various equipment used as well as the participants.


Tabata - This is a very intense interval training type class with several 20 second exercise drills interwoven with rest periods of 10 seconds. This will increase caloric expenditure, raise the metabolic rate and provide maximum conditioning.


HIT Training or HI Intensity Training - Very similar approach and benefits as Tabata. Lots of fun!


TRX - TRX is a very popular workout using a TRX suspension trainer. It builds muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. It is very good for lengthening, while building your muscles. This is taught one-on-one for 30-60 minutes.


Animal Flow (Coming Soon) - This is a very new fitness body weight training modality inspired by Yoga, Gymnastics, Martial Arts and Breakdancing. This superb workout builds strength, flexibility, mobility, cardiovascular conditioning and balance. It gives your brain a workout as well. Animal Flow, like other classes/workouts, can be adjusted for ability level.


Rest & Recovery - This small group class/single person session uses various equipment such as foam rollers, tennis, lacrosse and nubby balls, and self massage techniques to help you recover after a grueling workout or even a long day at work.